Jewellery that makes ‘you’ come alive

    Birthday, the one time of the year where I make it a point to buy myself an ornament, either gold or silver; in fact at the start of this year,  I made myself a promise to pick something for my mother as well. But with a promotion at work, travel plans and an endless list of to do… Read more →

Manglam Magic makes the festive season festival

The best thing about fashion is the canvas -you!  Making bold choices for your hair, your ensemble and your jewellery can look intimidating; but really, with the right attitude and the perfect smile, you’ll be the centre of attention in no time. Jewellery can add a lot of oomph and pizazz to your look; a few inspired choices will elevate… Read more →

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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend? Well then, silver might serve as the lover. And this love affair has been persistent since ages. But all these intelligent and adroit ladies aren’t simply interested in silver jewellery due to its beauty but it has benefits that you for sure haven't thought of! Stay tuned to love your jewellery even more now!… Read more →

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7 Must Have Pieces From Manglam Jewellers

 If you are tired of the hassles of choosing jewellery online, here’s the perfect thing for you. We have accumulated the best of our products for you to gain real-time pleasure out of shopping. Out of all the unrivaled products that Manglam has for you, these are the monarchs to delight you. The striking pair of earrings This stunning pair… Read more →

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Jewellery Trends That Will Go With Every Outfit!

The story of rings Having different jewellery for different attires is too outmoded a thing to do. What is in vogue is to have ornaments that blend in with every outfit you flip through. Manglam jewelers have crafted such magnificent pieces that complement anything you pair them up with.   2.) Anklet saving the line   Anklet is no more an… Read more →


7 Spectacular Silver Jewellery Options You Can Hover Upon!

Silver is the brightest of all the precious metals. Many people prefer to wear sterling silver jewellery more than any other metal because they love the bright, shiny look of jewellery produced in silver. If you are one of them, this is the perfect place for you to be. Out of all the options available in silver jewellery, let yourself… Read more →


‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ Movie Review

  Movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a high-performance cross-border drama that goes all out and then some – in delivering its message of India-Pakistan peace. The film is about a girl child speech-impaired Pakistan citizen (actor Harshali Malhotra), who is lost in India. How a Hanuman devotee Salman Khan; Pawan Chaturvedi, also known as Bajrangi gets her back to her home… Read more →


7 Unknown Benefits Of Wearing Silver Anklets !

Ladies! It’s time to pull out all those beautiful and adorable pieces of fashion jewellery known as anklets to the world! Did you ever imagine something as basic as anklets could have benefits other than the melodious sound they make and the beauty they provide to your legs? Well then, it’s time for you to add value to your ornament… Read more →

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How to keep yourself elegantly summer ready !

Heat has hit the world and everyone’s having a tough time making a balance between fashion and heat. And when jewellery comes in, the times get harder. The bulky fancy jewellery makes you hate summers even more and you end up either wearing no jewellery or no comfort. But there are alternatives to this too. Let us open the other… Read more →


‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ pendant in high demand!

   If you are someone who loves to stay in trend all the time and whatever goes around you is a part of you, we have brought just the right thing for you. We at Manglam Jewellers , known for our diamond and silver jewellery, are a well established and acclaimed name in the jewellery industry. With 75 years of… Read more →