Something as accustomed as toe rings never comes in the prominence. How about taking a reality check? Knowing toe rings better? Sounds absurd but it surely isn’t. Take a look and leave yourself astounded!

  1. Indicate A Marital Status

                                         Toe Rings - Indicate A Marital Status

Toe rings are not a part of the concept of sixteen Shringaar for no reason. They indicate the marital status of women to be engaged and adhere to the social significance part of a marriage.

  1. A Unique Concept Of Dual Status Of Women


Dual Status Of Women

Ever wondered why do we have a pair of toe rings stringed to each other?

Well, here is the crack:

Each of them symbolizes a role that the woman plays as a wife as well as a sister. It is believed that in case the husband dies (and one of the sets is removed), the brother would offer her protection.

  1. Helps To Solve Gynecological Problems By Acupressure smiley

Gynecological Problems By Acupressure

Could you ever think of the significance of wearing toe rings? Heard of acupressure? The believed solution to all body problems. The toe rings being adjustable rings massage the second toe, where they are generally worn and give a helping hand to solving certain gynecological problems. So toe rings are not just ornaments and enhance beauty but also provide unintentional relief to gynecological problems.


  1. Aid To Reproductive System Issues blush


Aid To Reproductive System Issues


Toe rings press certain nerves of the toe that keep the reproductive system balanced and healthy. So, to break the ice, you don’t only get pleasure giving toe rings design's but they bring in medical aids with them and add to your pleasure all the way!

Sounds like a jingle: toe ring – the savior!

  1. Connecting Hearts heart

Connecting Hearts ;)


Do you know why is the ring finger, the only finger for engagement ring?

Hola! Because it has its nerves connected to the heart. Similarly the second finger of the toe has nerves that pass through the heart to connect to the uterus. So not only it connects your heart to your better half but also connects to your own heart 😉


  1. Health Pops In Again blush

Health Pops In Again ;D


With the increasing number of benefits of toe rings coming into the limelight, toe rings now seem like an Ayurvedic plant. Don’t they? The one that’s here to have you boggled at it is that toe rings regularize menstrual cycle course with even intervals.

To each of your feministic problems, there is a solution and toe rings come out as an effective one to most of them.


  1. Silver Saving The Edge

Silver Saving The Edge


Why are payals, toe rings, etc. made up of silver and not gold?

Gold holds a respected status and may not be worn below the waist. Also, Silver being a good conductor, absorbs the energy from polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.

Can’t resist yourself from making use of all these benefits of wearing toe rings? Well, you no more have to!

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