7 Unknown Benefits Of Wearing Silver Anklets !

Ladies! It’s time to pull out all those beautiful and adorable pieces of fashion jewellery known as anklets to the world! Did you ever imagine something as basic as anklets could have benefits other than the melodious sound they make and the beauty they provide to your legs? Well then, it’s time for you to add value to your ornament box. Get ready get gorgeous!

1. Why Silver Anklets ?

Since the woman wears a lot of gold jewellery in any Hindu religion, a lot of electrical currents are produced in the body. To counter these currents and to keep the positive energy flowing in the body, the practice of wearing Silver anklets is established. Wearing of anklets made of pure silver around the anklets stops the inflammation of foot soles.

These silver anklets not only give a mesmerizing look to your feet, but also make you feel energetic and divine. 

WHY SILVER ANKLETS? ManglamJewellers

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2. Look Good And Get Rid Of Leg Pain

If you are tired and sick of your leg pain—and possibly tingling, numbness or weakness—that originate in the lower back and travel through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of the leg, then it’s time to be careful. This is not a normal pain occurring due to physical exertion, but you are suffering from SCIATICA.

Wearing these anklets help you get a relief from the pain, tingling and weakness and you are ready to stuff your surroundings with your positive energy.


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3. Provides Protection Against Swelling Of Heels.

If you always have complaints of swollen heels that hinder your daily routine and have become an everyday thing for you, you need to do something about it!

Yes, you got it right! Wearing anklets can help you with that as well. This beautiful jewellery regulates blood circulation and thus aids in curing swollen heels.


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4. Anklets-An Immunity Booster

These adorable ornaments will surely let you adorn your feet whenever you wear them but who knew they come with such rich health benefits as well!

With the sweet tinkling sound making wonders around you, wearing these silver anklets activates lymph glands in the body and boosts immunity.


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5. Anklets Being A Savior To You Lady !

Wearing anklets is beneficial in being a cure of gynecological disorders like menstrual diseases, infertility, hormonal imbalance and abnormal conditions of obstetrics.

Celebrate your feminism each time you allow these anklets to win you a brownie point when you wear them

They also help in keeping sexual desires under check.


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6. Fashion Meets Science

A scientific reason given for wearing anklets is that by wearing the anklets, one's energy is not wasted but re-vibrated back to one's own body.

Looking beautiful, staying energetic! How’s that?


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7. 16(Soola) Shingaar Coming In Play

Anklets are a part of the 16 shringaar for Indian women. Wearing anklets is a sign of the marital status in many Hindu cultures and is considered to be a symbol of good luck for herself and her husband.

Bring luck to yourself and your family and look gorgeous!


16 (Soola) SHRINGAAR COMING IN PLAY ManglamJewellers

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Silver Anklets on ManglamJewellers

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But mostly, the reason why girls like to wear anklets is that they are simply beautiful and sexy with pleasing tinkling sound.

Whatever be your reason, if you think anklets are your thing, all you need is to browse http://www.manglamjewellers.com/home-anklets for designer anklets.




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