Jewellery that makes ‘you’ come alive



Birthday, the one time of the year where I make it a point to buy myself an ornament, either gold or silver; in fact at the start of this year,  I made myself a promise to pick something for my mother as well. But with a promotion at work, travel plans and an endless list of to do things it completely slipped my mind. I had no idea how I was going to manage everything including visiting the local jeweller. But I had made up my mind about my promise, next was the ‘how’ and Mangalam was my saviour! While I was casually surfing the net, I saw a friend who had like ‘Manglam Jewellers’ page and I felt a surge of new found joy that I might be able to give my mum the gift I promised after all. 


Shopping at was the easiest thing! My only difficulty however was in picking out my favourite design. Silver jewellery or Gold? Stones or plain? So with the help of a colleague I short listed 5 designs I absolutely loved. A couple of necklaces and a few earring patterns for myself. Within 20 minutes, I was the proud owner of a lovely pair Diamond Earrings – GUER12, si – ijk, 18 kt that cost me about Rs 26,000 and Diamond Mangalsutra – BATS0196T, Si – Ijk, 14 Kt that cost me 18000 Rs for my mum. It was honestly the quickest big purchase I ever made. I am not the most tech savvy person, so I had a few inhibitions about how the products would be… but given that I had heard good things about Manglam, I was at peace. 


The day of the delivery! I am amazed, I get a call, I get the package and voila! Quick and easy. There it is. Packed to perfection. In pretty boxes are my stunning new pair of earrings and my mum’s necklace. I couldn’t believe that buying Gold jewellery could ever be so simple. But due credit to the folks at Manglam, when every day one hears about the number of online purchase fiascos, they have been able to maintain quality and swift delivery. The latest designs and great offers make the whole online store even more appealing. I can say for a fact that I would tell my friends to buy from Manglam Jewellers. I am so happy and excited.. I cannot stop talking about it!

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